How to Make Tasty Popcorn

Everyone loves chowing down on an awesome snack of fresh, delicious popcorn. It’s even better when it is transformed from a heavy, oily snack to a light and healthy one using an air-popper or other butter-free method of popping.

Still, the discerning popcorn lover knows that not all popcorn is created equal. Making a bowl of perfect popcorn is a skill that some master, and some don’t. If you want to learn how to make perfect and delicious popcorn no matter what, here are our tips for tasty popcorn:

Worried about overcooking or undercooking?

If you’re not sure whether popcorn is done, listen. Popcorn that has finished popping will slow from the sound of each piece popping several times per second, to maybe one every 1-3 seconds. When you hear them slowing down to this rate, the popcorn is done. If you wait until you hear no more popcorn thuds, you’re going to have burnt popcorn.

Making it by hand?

Even if you don’t have the convenience of an air popper or other machine to help you make popcorn, you can make some on your stove top easily. You’ll need about ΒΌ cup of raw popcorn, a sauce pan with a lid, and a little oil. Choose an oil with a high smoke point such as grapeseed oil or coconut oil. You don’t want your butter burning before the popcorn has finished popping!

Put your oil in the saucepan first, and begin heating it. You can test it to see if it is ready by throwing a kernel or two in and covering it. Once they pop, you’ll know the oil is hot enough. When that happens go ahead and add the rest of your kernels, and let them pop. You’ll want to shake them occasionally to make sure nothing sticks, and stop popping when the sound goes down to 1-3 seconds, same as before.

Have an air popper?

Air poppers are a fantastic method for giving yourself light and delicious snacks. As an added bonus, they are a lot more convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in, wait a minute or two, and feed the recommended amounts (usually about half a cup) into the machine.

Stick a bowl under the shoot to catch your popcorn, and enjoy delicious air popped goodness.

Air pop in your microwave for the same great popcorn

You can make air-popped popcorn without a machine with a little ingenuity. Simply put a few kernels in a paper bag, place it in the microwave, and hit your microwaves popcorn setting. You’ll have to stay and pay close attention to it, and remove it as soon as you hear the popping slow down, but you won’t need oil to make this popcorn method work.

Making popcorn is a fun and delightful past time, and there are a number of ways to do it. You can even make popcorn right off the cob! Keep exploring the world and trying this ancient snack in new fun ways.

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